The Boys

Mulberry Ridge’s Sebastian – D0288

This is the boy who started it all!  He is our very first goat, and what made us fall in love with this breed.  He is really friendly, and hilarious!  He is wethered, so no babies for him, but he keeps us on our toes!

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Bell’s Goats Jake – D0360

This guy came all the way from Utah to join our farm, and I’m looking forward to pairing him up with my ladies.  He is all white with a ton of moonspots, and crystal blue eyes.


Dusty Lane Fainter’s Simba – unregistered

Tri-colored peacock patterned with crystal blue eyes, and polled.  He has sired six babies so far, and four of them have been polled.  I’m excited to see what this guy adds to our herd.


The beefy boys enjoying the pasture.  The little guy on the left is a wether out of Priceless & Simba (sold), then Sebastian, Simba, and Triton (sold).